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About The Seminar Solution

The Seminar Solution is an “All-Out Orchestrated Marketing Company for local small businesses.

So you ask, “What is Orchestrated Marketing”?

Orchestrated Marketing is simply taking the marketing mediums of yesterday, today and the future and combining them to create an unstoppable force that drives traffic to your business on a continual basis.

Orchestrated Marketing Approach

  1. Older:  Ads, Tradeshows, Brochures, Signs, Flyers, Direct Mail, etc.
  2. Current:  Email marketing, online local search, voice broadcasting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, etc.
  3. Future:  Mobile marketing in a coordinated effort with all of the above.

Essentially, we take the above mediums and combine them with mobile marketing to explode your marketing success.

Simply stated, you wouldn’t want to go to war with just ground soldiers.  Right?  Not when you have air capabilities like bombers, sea capabilities destroyers, and ground capabilities like tanks to complement your soldiers.

That is the same with small business marketing.  Sure, Google is great and so is Google Places, but if that is the extent of your marketing campaign then you are going into battle unprepared.

Let The Seminar Solution get you focused and prepared to go out there and launch a proper assault on all of your competition.  We have all the tools, techniques, and expertise to make your vision a reality.  We can’t wait to help you!

Some of our Services include:

  1. Text Marketing
  2. Voice Broadcasting
  3. Social Media integration
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Local Search Optimization (Google Places)
  7. Full Service Option (Unique and Tailored Combination of Above)