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Case Studies

When a top website took a close look at it's landing pages, company officials noticed something unacceptable: The landing page for the company's most popular search term converted about 30 percent less frequently than the company's general landing page.

The site was able to ensure relevance, increasing conversions 67% - and decreasing abandonment rates to boot.

Integrated Addons

What are your business strategies? They differ with every entrepreneur. Here we look at some tips about what it takes to build and run a business.

With the recent financial crisis showing signs of clearing up, many small businesses are now looking to fortify their fortunes and make up for the losses they suffered over the past two years.

Offline Marketing

Postcard marketing is perhaps one of the easiest, most-effective ways to get your name out there, and for good reasons. Even in your local area, many prospective customers may not even know you are in their neighborhood.

Without hitting this demographic, you are missing out on precious business opportunities. Postcard marketing is easy and easily hit a large audience, allowing you to immerse yourself in your local demographic.

Jun 18 2014


Not everyone can be a huge viral sensation, but you can make sure your posts are optimized for sharing. Here’s 5 things you can do to get your audience to share your posts over and over again.
Jun 18 2014


These 7 styles will drastically increase the amount of clicks, leads & conversions you get. Also, get 37 FREE Ready-to-Use headline templates!

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The Seminar Solution is an “All-Out Orchestrated Marketing Company for local small businesses. Orchestrated Marketing is simply taking the marketing mediums of yesterday, today and the future and combining them to create an unstoppable force that drives traffic to your business on a continual basis.

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